Available only to those who are referred to our program.

Many barriers get in the way of people being able to make ends meet, especially in our booming  oil and gas economy. Though the economy has increased the wealth of many, it also has widened the gap between the low income and high income wage earners. There are many people in our community that are having to use their entire income just to cover their housing costs leaving nothing for food or other basics. In addition, many of those we serve have health conditions that require higher cost foods not typically found at a food bank.

Donations to the Pantry are gratefully accepted. Food donations must be sealed in its original packaging. Food must be current and not passed its best before date. Most of the food we give out is purchased by us to keep up with the demand.  Your financial contributions help us to keep the Pantry stocked. All donations are tax deductable.

We keep a supply of fresh produce, eggs, milk and other perishables to help encourage healthy eating. We believe that supplementing families and individuals in this way will greatly improve their overall mental and physical health and will only result in a better over all outcome for both the individual and the community.

Guidelines of the Pantry:

Distribution of food from the pantry is based upon the needs of each person who comes to us. For some smaller amounts of food more frequently compared to others that we would allow access once a month.  We work with the referring agencies in the community to get a sense of what will be beneficial in each situation and we follow the principle of reasonable access.

We appreciate those who organize food drives during the year to assist with the demand on our pantry. We have had sports teams, service clubs, schools and seasonal parties gather together to help the hurting and hungry in our community and the benefit to those on our program is so valuable. We are so thankful to have a community that cares so much.