What is Networks Ministries?

Networks Ministries Is a community outreach serving those who are living in Dawson Creek and surrounding areas. We are a community hub that uses a wrap-around model to provide services. A person coming to Networks will begin with an intake. We are low barrier and judgement-free. We understand that asking for help can be hard. You will find that we are compassionate and judgement-free.

Our services include:

Food Bank, Free Store, Social Worker, Good Food Box Program, Furniture, Support, Advocacy, Referrals, Support Groups, Education, Connection to Mental Health and Addiction Services. Makerspace.

How are we funded?

We raise our funds through fundraising campaigns, writing grants, facility rentals, Makerspace memberships, events, and your financial donations. We rely on your financial support to offer these services to our community.

If you would like to make a donation you can through cash, cheque, credit card, or etransfer. E-transfers can be sent to admin@networksdc.ca and there is no password required. Donations made via e-transfers are preferable to credit and debit in that there is no processing fee. If you are a first-time donor we will require your name including your middle initial, mailing address, and email address. Your donation receipt will be emailed to you. We could not exist without the support of our community!

Getting Connected

Most of our programs are referral-based. This means that those who hope to access our program should have a community professional that is knowledgeable of their situation and can confirm that the need is genuine. It helps us to know who you’re already connected to and that we are not starting fresh.

If you are unable to get a referral and you need help, we are happy to sit down with you and look into your situation. Maybe we can help or let you know of a different service that can offer the help you need. The intention is not to exclude anyone from getting the help they need, but rather that we ensure that the type of help we give is effective and being used in the way that it is intended. The bottom line is if you need help come! You will be greeted by friendly staff who listen.

Networks Ministries
10500 13th street, Dawson Creek B.C. V1G 3w5

Call us at 1-844-432-3663 admin@networksdc.ca

Office hours are Monday-Friday 10-4 And Saturday 9-3


We accept donations of food, clothing, household items, and furniture which is given to those who need it the most. Donations can be brought in through the main entrance of Networks. There is a bin in the foyer where you can leave your donations. Your donations are changing people’s lives, dont underestimate the act of donating.

Thrifty Saturday Sale!

During the week items in the free store are given to those we are providing assistance to for free. Each Saturday we open the free store as a thrift store to assist those in the community who depend on thrift stores to clothe themselves and their families but are not in need of our week-day services. This helps us to make the most out of your donations and helps us to keep donations moving so they don’t pile up.

Skate Park

Networks Ministries is located right beside the skate park. The skate park belongs to the City of Dawson Creek however,  most of the grassy area around it belongs to Networks Ministries. We are happy about this and want to be good neighbors with everyone who is enjoying the skate park.  Networks was started to serve the community.  

When we are open, people using the skate park may use the bathrooms in our main entrance. As well, if someone is feeling unsafe or threatened at the skatepark or around our building please let our staff know. We want to ensure the area around our building is safe for everyone. And if someone is injured we have people who can assist with first aid. 

In an emergency, if your child(ren) goes to the skate park without you and needs to get ahold of you but does not have a cell phone, they can use our phone. This would be in the case of injury or illness. This is not for ordering pizza!

We do ask that you don’t park on our grass. We are putting more parking this summer. We want to keep our grass well maintained and the area looking nice. We also plan to put in picnic tables so people have a place to sit. 

Canteen We have water bottles, snacks, and other drinks for sale at Networks for sale. This helps you stay hydrated and helps raise funds for our programs. It’s a way you can support us while we support you.  

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are people who use drugs in our community and may leave their needles or pipes laying around. This can happen anywhere in the city. If you find needles, pipes, or anything you are not sure about, please let us know. DO NOT TOUCH THEM, THEY ARE VERY DANGEROUS and NEED to be disposed of safely!

We will come out and safely dispose of them for you if it’s near our building or around the skate park. We have sharps containers and gloves in the building. And if you see someone who looks like they have passed out or are in distress let us know we have medical staff most of the time and Naloxone kits on hand. This is a sad reality, but you may save a life. 

Naloxone kits are free and available in the main office.

If you are active in addiction and want to know what your options are to stop. Feel free to come in and ask to speak to Jacqueline or Jennifer and we will answer any questions you may have. 

It is 100% confidential and no information about your visit is recorded unless you’re engaging in our services and even then it’s limited. It is also judgment-free. If decide you want help, we can help we can get the process started.

Anyone is welcome regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, or income. Getting the right information is where it begins. We can do research on your behalf so you can make informed decisions.


The Latest

Good Food Box Schedule 2020

The Good Food Box Program offers free, fresh produce to those in the community who struggle with food security. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy despite financial challenges. This initiative is a joint effort between Networks Ministries and the Dawson Creek Co-op. The cost of the Good Food Box Program is lower than the cost of the same products at the grocery store. Those who qualify receive a Good Food Box at no charge, thanks to the generous support of our community. The Good Food Box Program operates on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. Fresh produce can be picked up between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm on those days. If you are registered on the program and cannot make it to pick up your Good Food Box, please let us know so you don't lose your spot. Call Networks at 250-784-0166 or message us on Facebook: Networks Facebook Group / Networks Public Page Download the full schedule here: GFB Schedule 2020 2020 Good Food Box Dates: 

  • Jan 2
  • Jan 16
  • Feb 6
  • Feb 20
  • Mar 5
  • Mar 19
  • Apr 2
  • Apr 16
  • May 7
  • May 21
  • Jun 4
  • Jun 18
  • Jul 2
  • Jul 16
  • Aug 6
  • Aug 20
  • Sep 3
  • Sep 17
  • Oct 1
  • Oct 16
  • Nov 5
  • Nov 19
  • Dec 3
  • Dec 17

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Good Food Box Program

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