Networks Ministries is a registered non-profit society that aims to help provide relief and support for those in our community who are facing difficult times. It is our hope that anyone who comes through our doors will feel that they have found a safe place to get the help they need, whether it be a coffee and homemade cookies in our living room area or an hour of shopping in our free store to get the things that they need with out the pressure of their tight or non-existent budget. We are committed to offer help, care and support in a way that is understanding and compassionate.

Most of our programs are referral based. This means that those who hope to access our program must have a community professional that is knowledgeable of their situation and can confirm that the need is genuine. We depend on these professionals to give us some direction on what help is required. The intention is not to exclude anyone from getting help that needs it, but rather that we ensure that the type of help we give is effective and being used in the way that it is intended. By using a this client focused model, we increase our effectiveness in making a difference for those who come to us.

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