Networks Ministries believes that having the opportunity to build connections and having new experiences is key to good mental health. The Makerspace is just that. It is a place where you can experience new and interesting things while working together with others.  The Makerspace has 7000 sq ft of space. The vision is for this space to includes a workshop, textiles and craft section, stained glass, technology lab, multipurpose rooms for workshops, and outdoor workspace for bigger projects.

What is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is similar to having a gym membership, except instead of exercise equipment it’s for tools! You pay a monthly membership fee and get a warm area to work with tools that you may not have at home. It is the most affordable way of being creative! You don’t have to buy tools you just can use them.

How does it work?

#1 Come to an orientation meeting and take a tour of the space.

#2 Fill out the registration forms and pay the $25 one-time registration fee.

#3 Depending on the skill level required for each tool or piece of equipment it will be labeled with  Green (anyone can use it)   Yellow (You must attend a certification Course 1-2 evenings depending on which course) and Red ( You must have Networks Technician assist you)

#4 Then let the creative ideas flow! You are now a member of the Makerspace!

How do I become a maker?

  1. Let us know you’re interested! Email: and give us your contact information. Maybe include a small blurb on what you would like to do in the makerspace. As well if you have expertise or experience in something that you would be willing to share with others, let us know that too.
  2. Come to an information meeting. Once we have your contact information, we can let you know when the next meeting date is. You will learn about the makerspace movement and how it will look in our community. You can ask questions and share ideas. Though Networks oversees the program, the community of makers can make suggestions and have input on the space itself.
  3. Register for the Makers Space and pay your fees (some sponsorships can be applied for)
  4. Take the safety training offered for any equipment that we require training prior to using it.

How much will it cost to be a member?

Registration $25

First 3 months $50/Monthly

After 3 months $60/Monthly

Junior makers $30/Monthly

Yearly membership $600

Junior Makers Yearly Membership $300

*** Membership does not include the cost of kits or some consumables. Billable products will be added to your bill on the first of the next month. There are share shelves that have consumables that are free. ***


How can I support this initiative?

  1. Sign up to be a maker
  2. Donate your unwanted tools and supplies
  3. Donate your leftover building materials and craft supplies.
  4. Make a financial donation to help us purchase tools and equipment
  5. If your business sells tools, craft supplies or equipment, we would love to see you involved and be a part of this community initiative. Whether it be a donation of tools or equipment, or the desire to teach a class to the community we would love to connect with you!
  6.  Participate in fundraisers or support fundraising participants

Junior Makerspace 

This a for kids ages 9-14 years old to be creative and learn new ways of building things. Junior Makerspace teaches practical life skills like planning, measuring, and building methods. Kids can either choose projects that are being offered or come up with their own ideas. There is always an instructor present that can help with planning and problem-solving. We encourage parent participation in the junior Makerspace. We feel that having parents (caregivers) and kids learning together builds relationships.

Kids living with neurodiversity or behavioral challenges must come with an adult. As our instructor is not able to teach and manage behaviors at the same time.  We are happy to discuss your child’s specific needs ahead of time to determine the level of support needed.


Code of Conduct 

  1. Sign in and out at every visit.
  2. Works spaces must be cleaned up at the end of every visit. This means that surfaces and floors in your workspace must be completely cleaned up.
  3. All tools or equipment used must be put back. Power cords must be returned to the rack.
  4. Failure to clean up behind yourself will result in a $25 cleaning fee on your next monthly bill.
  5. All language must be respectful and appropriate for all ages.
  6. Do not touch other people’s projects.
  7. Projects that are in process and will take some time to complete will require a parking ticket that includes the last time that it was worked on. Projects that have been abandoned for more than 2 months will become the property of Networks Makerspace.
  8. Fees in arrears will be subject to a late fee.
  9. Do not make us make more rules.