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For first-time agencies who would like to refer clients, we ask that you contact us first prior to doing so.

We like to be able to first discuss with you which situations are appropriate for our program as well as discuss the referral process. We will also invite you to take a tour so that you have an understanding of our services.

Please contact: Networks Office

Referrals can be 1) A letter from your agency 2) Made by phone if we are already connected 3) A doctors note requesting services for a patient 4) An Email from your agency 5) A service provider can bring a client in

To book an intake call the office at 1-844-432-3663 and leave a message or alternatively email with Referral Request in the subject line.



We wanted to provide some information to those in the community that would help increase understanding of key issues as well as help people who are looking for information. As we find links that could be helpful to you, we will add them.

Networks Ministries is a church outreach organization. We respect that people must have the freedom to choose their faith path or to not have one at all. We do not pressure any one to do anything they do not want to do. Some of the links posted may contain content that is reflective of the Christian Faith. If you click on a link and you find this to be true please accept this as your choice, and if you want to continue with the link do not feel pressure from us.

Should you have any questions please email

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