Networks Ministries exists to provide genuine physical, emotional, and spiritual help to the community in and around Dawson Creek, BC, including the Good Food Box program, our Healthy Food Bank, Free Store, Furniture Program (crisis support done through referral only), and Informal Counselling.

If you want to access Networks Services here are the steps to take.

1) A service provider referral who will verify that your need for assistance is genuine can make a referral for you.  This can be in the form of a printed letter, email or phone call from that service provider that is known to us.

Once the service provider has made the referral you can come in for an intake. These typically take 15 mins. Please bring in your I.D. for yourself (and Spouse/Partner if applicable) plus any dependents that live in your home and are in your custody.

2) If a referral from a service provider is not available, we can screen you for eligibility.

You will need the following.

  • I.D. for you and members of your household
  • Proof of income
  • Rent receipt
  • Copy of your bills and expenses
  • Other information that affects your current situation

Once you are accepted on the program, please be aware that we do " Client File Reviews" on occasion.

If you are asked to come in for a file review, please don't panic. This does not mean we are planning to stop providing you with services. We review your file for the following reasons;

  • We want to keep your information up to date or collect missing information.
  • We want to know if your situation has changed and that you are getting the help you need.
  • We want to say hello and let you know we are here to help.
  • We want to get feedback on how we are doing and see if you have any concerns.
  • We also want to be able to ask questions or inform you of other programs that we think may help you.

If you are asked to come in for a file review, you will be told what you will need to bring in.

If you are currently a client of Networks and you would like to update your information in our system, please email us your name and birthdate and the information to be updated.  This can be emailed to

If you are adding family members, please bring in supporting documents so we can make the adjustment to your file.