Free Store



Available only to those who are referred to our program.

We have seen several benefits of having the free store:

  1. For those who have had to start over for various reason we have been able to help get set up again. Recipients can come in and get many of the items that they need to start over, without adding a huge financial burden to an already stressful time in their lives. Some of the items that we have available are mattresses, sheets, blankets, towels, dishes, tea towels, clothing, furniture and so on. Often those who find themselves needing this level of assistance have left an abusive partner, are stepping out of homelessness, or have been hospitalized due to a mental health or other health crisis and are now starting over.
    • We believe that by giving individuals this boost they will be less likely to return to an unsafe
      situations or be re-admitted to hospital due to inadequate support, in turn this will help with the overall emotional health of getting
      back on their feet.
  2. Once on our program a registered client will shop with their points and can visit the free store as often as they wish.
    • As with the Networks pantry, the ability to shop for what you need and want gives a much needed sense of autonomy in situations that often feel overwhelming and out of one's control.
    • This system of shopping and accessing goods has provided a drastic relief to the stress created by not being able to afford the necessities and the rising cost of living.

To learn more about what we take and drop of times, as well as, how to give and be a part of these great programs please check out our Support Us page