Free Store



Available only to those who are referred to our program.

We accept donations of gently used clothing, house hold items and furniture and make them available to those on our program for free. We depend on the referral process to help us identify what sort of help will be of benefit in each situation.

All donations should be in good conditions. We do not accept items that are ripped, stained or dirty.


Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday 10am – 2:30pm are the preferred times to drop off donations. If this will not work for you please call 250-784-0166  and speak to Jacqueline to make other arrangements.

We will pick up furniture for those who do not have the ability to drop it off. Please make sure that walkways are cleared of snow and ice.

We have seen several benefits of having the free store:

  1. For those who have had to start over we help people to get set up again. Recipients can come in and get every thing they need (that we have available). Mattresses, sheets, blankets, towels, dishes, tea towels, clothing, furniture and so on. Often those in this situation have left an abusive partner, have had a mental health or other health crisis and have been hospitalized and are now starting over. or have been homeless and an agency has helped them to secure housing however does not have the resources to help with household needs.
    • We believe that by giving individuals this boost they will be less likely to return to an unsafe
      situations, be re-admitted to hospital and will help with the overall emotional health of getting
      back on their feet.
  2. Once on our program people can visit the free store as often as they wish.
    • We have seen so many benefits of this. For many, because their income is so low, our store is the only place in Dawson Creek that they can afford to shop.
    • This past Christmas we saw many come in using their 10 item limit to get presents for family members such as grandchildren. They were filled with joy to be able to do this for the first time in a long time. We have tape and wrapping paper on hand as well so these gifts can be wrapped.

Please let us know in advance before dropping off furniture as often we can re-home it immediately and take it to its new location.