Support and Informal Counselling

Supportive Environment

Everyone needs a safe place where they feel they are amongst friends. Networks strives to be that safe place where people can come and share about some of the things that they are facing and be supported. At Networks we strive to create this supportive environment from the minute someone walks in the door. No matter what service you are there to access we will great you with compassion, a desire to understand your circumstances so we know best how to support you, and a smile. Often our rooms are filled with laughter and celebration. Other times there are tears, but there is always a sense that you are not alone.

We don’t allow negative talk and aim to keep thing positive and solution focused. Its about caring for each other and moving forward. For those who are not wanting to share their personal lives there is no pressure to do so.  We do every thing with permission.


Informal Counselling

When situations arise where one on one time to talk is more appropriate and there is a greater need for privacy, we can facilitate that as well. We need each other and together we can achieve more. We have 2  Community Care Workers, Carol Munro (BA in Psych and previously worked as a social worker at MCFD) and Pauline Haycock (Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counseling Skills). These ladies will provide Active Listening, problem-solving assistance, referrals to other agencies, and can teach some mental health skills such as CBT (ie. challenging thought distortions). They will refer to Mental Health and Addictions or other professional counseling resources (e.g. Catholic Social Services online counseling) and to the Networks Social Worker, Jennifer van Spronsen, when appropriate. They understand the limitations of their scope of practice and will not hesitate to refer to professionals when needed. Clients are also informed of the worker’s scope of practice and limitations.

At Networks we are very excited to welcome these two ladies to our team. Their skill set, experience, compassion, and hearts to serve our community are an incredible asset to the services that Networks Ministries provides.